For Ages
5 to 9

There's No Place Like Space! All About Our Solar System is a part of the The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library collection.

Laugh and learn with fun facts about the sun, the moon, the planets, constellations, astronauts, and more—all told in Dr. Seuss’s beloved rhyming style and starring The Cat in the Hat!

“The universe is a mysterious place. We are only just learning what happens in space.”

The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library series combines beloved characters, engaging rhymes, and Seussian illustrations to introduce children to non-fiction topics from the real world! On this adventure into outer space, readers will discover:
• what makes each planet in our solar system unique
• how a million Earths could fit inside the sun
• how astronauts have driven a special car all over the moon
• and much more!
Perfect for story time and for the youngest readers, There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System also includes an index, glossary, and suggestions for further learning.

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