For Ages
5 to 8

Hide and Seek (Sesame Street) is a part of the Pictureback® collection.

Would You Like to Play Hide and Seek in This Book with Lovable Furry Old Grover?
Grover wants to play Hide and Seek. Do you?
Grover will hide . . . and you will seek. But where can a lovable blue monster hide in a book? On the top of the page? In the crack in the middle? What if he hides behind the words? Or camouflages himself on an all-blue page? Can you still find him?
The reader will have riotous fun interacting with Grover in this charming classic, reminiscent of There’s a Monster at the End of This Book!
Sesame Street books, like the groundbreaking TV program, make learning fun. For over 40 years parents have been able to rely on Elmo, Grover, and all the gang to provide quality time while reading.