For Ages
6 to 9

Maisie thinks Kayla is perfect. She’s pretty and thin, has cool clothes, gets good grades, and she’s a star on the soccer field. But is Kayla happy? The more Maisie gets to know Kayla, the more she begins to question whether being perfect is really so wonderful. In Too Perfect, acclaimed speaker and child advocate Trudy Ludwig explores the relentless and destructive drive for perfection, and the freedom that comes from accepting one’s self.

An Excerpt fromToo Perfect

Have you ever wished you could be somebody else? I have. I wished I was Kayla. Then all my problems would go away like magic. Poof!--No more frizzy hair and freckles. I’d have cool clothes instead of boring hand-me-downs. I’d get straight A’s instead of a bunch of B’s and C’s. I’d be a better me--smarter, thinner, prettier--and I’d have more friends.

Mom always said, “Maisie, you’re perfect just the way you are.” But she didn’t know perfect. She didn’t know Kayla.

In class, I watched Kayla all the time.

If I looked hard enough, maybe I’d find the secret to being perfect. Then I’d live happily ever after--just like Kayla.

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