For Ages
3 to 7

A summer parade, a drummer parade, a magical bucket-and-bowl serenade!
What begins with one boy’s beat on a kettle soon spreads to pots and pans and cartons and cans all across the neighborhood. When everyone joins in, together they create the catchy, driving tempo of a bright, hot DRUM CITY!
Get ready to make some noise with this upbeat, lyrical, and diverse picture book!

An Excerpt fromDrum City

Boy in the yard drumming so hard, calling all kids to come drum in the yard.
Drum on some kettles and cans!
Here they come!
They run to the beat of the drum.
Bowls and buckets, cartons and cans, barrels and bins, and pots and pans, mops on pails, and rusty old rails—a frolicking, rollicking ruckus of rumbling drums.
Jump to the sound, dance all around, loud on the tubs and the tins that they found.
“March!” calls the boy in the yard full of drums, hundreds and hundreds of drums.

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