For Ages
8 to 12

Emily's Fortune is a part of the Emily collection.

Emily Wiggins is poor and timid, without a drop of self-confidence. When unexpectedly orphaned, she is left all alone except for her turtle, Rufus. What in blinkin' bloomers should Emily do? Emily's neighbors, Mrs. Ready, Mrs. Aim, and Mrs. Fire, have the answer. Emily must travel by stagecoach to honorable Aunt Hilda. What a hootin', tootin' grand idea! But Miss Catchum of the Catchum Child-Catching Services will get a big bonus for making Emily live with her next of kin, vicious Uncle Victor. How in ding dong dickens will Emily escape Miss Catchum? It will take all the gumption and cunning of fellow orphan and traveler, Jackson, to help Emily find her confidence, conniving spirit, and the truth behind why Uncle Victor wants to claim her. But how in flippin' flapjacks will Emily outsmart Uncle Victor?

An Excerpt fromEmily's Fortune

Painted on the door of the carriage was a sign that read Catchum Child-Catching ServicesTrumpet Junction Branch
Orphans, Strays, and Roustabouts
Rounded Up Quickly Emily jumped behind a mail cart so fast that she bumped into a boy in a faded brown jacket. "Hey!" he said. "Watch where you're going!" And then, "You're an orphan too, aren't you?" "How did you know?" she asked him. He shrugged. "Saw you trying to hide from the Child Catchers, just like I used to do."  

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