For Ages
3 to 7

Kindergarten Reading & Math Workout is a part of the Sylvan Beginner Workbook Kindergarten collections.

These 2 BOOKS IN 1 are based on Sylvan's proven techniques for success. Perfect for back to school--no matter what that looks like!

A solid foundation in basic reading readiness and math skills prepares kindergarteners for success in both school and the real world. The teacher-reviewed, curriculum-based activities and exercises in this workbook will help children catch up, keep up, and develop a love of learning—and best of all, they'll have lots of fun doing it! Some of the great features you'll find inside this workout book include:

HIDE AND SEEK. Hunting for things that start with the same sound is a fun way to practice distinguishing letter sounds.

WORD PUZZLES. Kids cut out words they know and start building their own sentences.

FIND THE MISSING WORD. Fill-in-the-blank sentences help children learn common words they'll need to start reading.

HIDE AND SEEK. Counting the number of times familiar objects appear in fun pictures helps children gain confidence in their counting skills.

POND CROSSING. To help the frog jump across the pond, children follow a path of numbers, reinforcing number sequence concepts.

PUT IT AWAY. Identifying paper or plastic, summer or winter clothes, and toys or tools gives children a greater understanding of sorting skills.

Give your kindergartener's confidence a boost with Kindergarten Reading & Math Workout!

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