For Ages
8 to 12

A coming-of-age story about a boy who is used to flying under the radar, and the classroom of kids are determined to help him stand out. This touching friendship tale is perfect read for fans of Fish In a Tree and Song for a Whale.

If Austin picked a color to describe his life, it would be tumbleweed brown. Austin doesn't like standing out. He’s always the new kid, and there's no hiding his size. Plus, Austin has a secret: he struggles to read.
Then Austin meets Bertie who is razzmatazz. Everything about Bertie is bursting! But the best part of his newest school, is the Safety Squad with their laser lemon vests. Their cool confidence and leadership stand out in the best way. Even when things are not so vibrant and life at home makes Austin feel pacific blue, for the first time, he wants to leave a mark. And the more Austin speaks up, the more he finds he’s not the only one with secrets.