MCAT Elite, 2nd Edition is a part of the Graduate School Test Preparation MCAT collections.

THE TOUGHEST QUESTIONS FOR THE HIGHEST-SCORING STUDENTS. Prep to be the best of the best with The Princeton Review and this guidebook full of elite strategies, challenging practice questions, and 2 full-length online practice MCATs.

Students trying to win admission to the most elite med schools know that every point on the MCAT matters. If you’ve mastered the exam basics, practicing only the test’s toughest questions can help take your score from “good” to “outstanding.” MCAT Elite, 2nd Edition provides everything you need to conquer the most challenging questions and get a top score on the MCAT.

Advanced Techniques That Actually Work.
• Targeted strategies for all facets of the exam: general, journal article analysis, and test analysis
• Advanced strategies to power past problems that trap other elite students
• Detailed coverage of every section of the exam to help push your study into the top tier
• Section-specific pacing guidelines and advice for all parts: CARS and the sciences

Practice Your Way to Excellence.
2 full-length practice tests online
• 6 full chapters’ worth of practice sections along with comprehensive explanations
• A ton of practice drills designed to look and feel exactly like the toughest problems on the real MCAT

MCAT Elite, 2nd Edition provides practice with the hardest questions on:
• Atomic Structure
• Periodic Trends and Bonding
• Phases
• Gases
• Solutions
• Kinetics
• Equilibrium
• Acids and Bases
• Thermodynamics
• Electrochemistry
• Biochemistry and Cellular Respiration
• Molecular Biology
• Microbiology
• Eukaryotic Cells
• Genetics and Evolution
• The Nervous and Endocrine Systems
• The Circulatory, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems
• The Excretory and Digestive Systems
• The Muscular and Skeletal Systems

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