For Ages
6 to 9

Purrmaids #2: The Catfish Club is a part of the Purrmaids A Stepping Stone Book collections.

Get totally smitten with mermaid kittens in book two of this new chapter book series! It’s purrfect for fans of Magic Kitten and the Fairy Animals of Misty Wood series.
Coral, Shelly, and Angel are best friends, and school is always paw-some as long as they have each other! So when their teacher assigns an art project, the girls can’t wait to get up to their whiskers in paint and glitter! But three other students—the Catfish Club—are trying to ruin the fun. They’re three tough kittens who think they’re the best at everything. Will Angel and her friends dive headfirst into trouble with the Catfish Club?
These adorable purrmaids will have young readers paws-itively hooked from page one!

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