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7 to 10

Fairy Mom and Me #2: Fairy In Waiting is a part of the Fairy Mom and Me collection.

The favorite mother-daughter fairy team is back! Glittery wings, magic codes and multiplying ice cream cones combine in these next adventures from New York Times bestselling author Sophie Kinsella.

Ella Brook is used to being a fairy in waiting. It means that one day she will become a fairy with her own sparkly wings and Computawand, just like her mom.

But sometimes Ella doesn't want to have to wait any longer. After all, she helps her mom remember magic codes all the time! If only there were a spell for growing up faster.

Will Ella prove that she's ready to become a fairy? Or will she learn that she doesn't need real magic to save the day?

“A cotton-candy read for transitional readers.”—Kirkus

An Excerpt fromFairy Mom and Me #2: Fairy In Waiting

Hi. My name is Ella Brook and I live in a town called Cherrywood with my mom, my dad and my baby brother, Ollie. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair. My best friends at school are Tom and Lenka. My worst enemy is Zoe. She lives next door and she’s my Not-Best Friend. She is the meanest girl ever. She looks mean even when she smiles.
Everything in my life seems normal, but my family has a special secret that I’m not allowed to tell anyone, even my friends. My mom looks like any other mom . . . but she’s not a regular mom. Because she can turn into a fairy.
All she has to do is stamp her feet three times, clap her hands, wiggle her behind and say, “Marshmallow,” . . . and POOF! She’s Fairy Mom. Then if she says, “Toffee apple,” she’s just Mom again. 
My Aunty Jo and Granny are fairies too. They can all fly and turn invisible and do real magic. And Mom and Aunty Jo also have a really cool wand called a Computawand V5. It has magic powers and a computer screen and an Extra-Fast Magic button. And it has Fairy Apps and Fairy Mail and Fairy Games.
The problem is that Mom . . . well . . . she is not that good at doing magic spells, even though she works really hard at her magic lessons on FairyTube with Fairy Fenella. But one day she’s going to get everything right. And one day, when I’m grown up, I’ll be a fairy like she is. I’ll have sparkly wings and my own Computawand.
Until then, Mom says I just have to wait. So that’s what I am. A Fairy in Waiting. 

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