Writing Smart, 3rd Edition is a part of the Smart Guides English collections.

YOUR GO-TO GUIDE FOR EFFORTLESS WRITING. This classic, easy-to-follow guide teaches you foundational skills to improve your writing and express yourself clearly in essays, emails, reports, and more.

Knowing how to commuicate through clear, articulate writing is an essential skill in today's world. Whether it's a college application essay, class paper, or professional report, you need to be able to express your thoughts clearly and with appropriate context. This updated third edition of Writing Smart sets you up for success with step-by-step approaches for all types of writing, from essays to academic assignments to workplace emails. Get ready to build your confidence and improve  your skills with writing that makes an impression.

Fundamental grammar rules and terms
 How to construct sentences and choose the right words
 The best ways to approach exam essays, research papers, professional emails, and more
 Processes for editing and revising your own work to achieve the best possible result