Finding Tinker Bell #6: The Last Journey (Disney: The Never Girls)

Author Kiki Thorpe Illustrated by Jana Christy

For Ages
6 to 9

Finding Tinker Bell #6: The Last Journey (Disney: The Never Girls) is a part of the Never Girls A Stepping Stone Book Fiction collections.

The New York Times bestselling Disney: The Never Girls series continues as the Never Girls complete their quest to find Tinker Bell!

When Tinker Bell sets out on a trip beyond Never Land and disappears, it's up to the Never Girls--Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby--to find their missing fairy friend. After a series of adventures on the mysterious Shadow Island, the girls finally find Tinker Bell! But getting off Shadow Island is not as easy as it seems. Will the Never Girls be able to return to Never Land with their long-lost friend? This is the sixth and final book in the early chapter book series, Finding Tinker Bell, starring the Never Girls! It's perfect for children ages 6 to 9 who love adventure, fantasy--and fairies!

Kate craves adventure and excitement.
Mia loves dresses, roses, and anything beautiful.
Lainey dreams of talking to animals.
Gabby believes in fairies more than anyone.

Together, they are the Never Girls--four real girls in a fairy's world!