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Unicorn Academy #2: Scarlett and Blaze is a part of the Unicorn Academy A Stepping Stone Book collections.

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What if your best friend was a unicorn? Chapter book readers are flocking to this magical series, where everyone is paired with their very own unicorn!

Imagine a school where you meet your own unicorn and have amazing adventures together! That's what happens for the girls at Unicorn Academy on beautiful Unicorn Island. Scarlett and Blaze love being at Unicorn Academy. But magical Sparkle Lake is starting to ice over and the school might have to close! Scarlett and Blaze can't bear to be parted, so they decide to find out who's behind the big freeze and make things right. . . .

Fans of Rainbow Magic, Purrmaids, and Princess Ponies will love this new chapter book series about the magic of bonding with your own unicorn. Be sure to read all the books in this magical series!

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An Excerpt fromUnicorn Academy #2: Scarlett and Blaze

“Higher!” said Scarlett.
Isabel, Scarlett’s best friend, raised the branch again, balancing it carefully between a bush and the gnarled trunk of an old tree. It was as high as her head now.
“I think that’s too big,” said Cloud, Isabel’s unicorn, giving the jump a doubtful look.
Scarlett pushed her long blond hair back over her shoulders. Her blue eyes sparkled as she patted her own unicorn’s neck. Her cheeks were flushed from the icy breeze, and snowflakes whirled around her. 
“It’s not too big for us, is it, Blaze?”
“Definitely not. I can clear that easily!” Blaze whickered. The cheeky-looking unicorn with fiery red-and-gold swirls on her snow-white coat loved a challenge, just like Scarlett. “Watch this, Cloud!”
Blaze galloped eagerly at the makeshift jump. Scarlett sank her hands deeper into Blaze’s silky mane as she took off, the crisp air making her eyes water. Scarlett loved the feeling of flying and then plunging back down to earth. As Blaze landed, a few orange sparks flickered up from her hooves and Scarlett caught a faint whiff of burnt sugar.
Isabel gasped. “That was incredible. You jumped so high, I almost thought you were going to fly away!”
Scarlett’s heart skipped with hope—the huge jump, the sparks, and the sweet smell. Could that mean Blaze was about to discover her magic power? Every unicorn on Unicorn Island was born with a special magical power—it just took a while for that power to be revealed. Some unicorns could fly, others turned invisible, some could create light or fire. Scarlett couldn’t wait for Blaze to discover her power, and she really hoped it would be flying.
Scarlett was ten years old and had recently started at Unicorn Academy, where she had been given her own special unicorn, just like all the other girls and boys who had joined at the same time. They were all in training to become full-fledged guardians of Unicorn Island, the wonderful land in which they lived.
Scarlett knew she would be able to move up at the end of the year only if Blaze had discovered her magical power and bonded with her. She let her hair fall forward, searching for a red- gold lock of hair to match Blaze’s mane that would show they had bonded. But there was no flame-colored strand in her long blond hair yet. Disappointed, Scarlett turned her attention back to the jump.
“Put it up even higher,” she called, hoping that
if it was big enough, Blaze might actually fly! “I’ll put it up in a minute. It’s my turn first,”
said Isabel, turning Cloud to face the jump. Cloud was a pretty unicorn with gentle brown eyes.
“I think it’s too big for me, Isabel,” said Cloud anxiously.
“No, it’s not,” said Isabel. “Blaze jumped it
easily. Let’s try!”
“Wait, Isabel!” whispered Scarlett as she spotted Ms. Nettles, one of the teachers, cantering over on her unicorn, Thyme.
Isabel ignored her. “Don’t be boring, Cloud!
Come on. Give it a try!”
“Isabel!” insisted Scarlett. “Behind you!” Of all the teachers to catch them jumping, Ms. Nettles was the worst. She was very strict, with a fierce temper.
“Isabel!” Ms. Nettles’s sharp voice rang out, giving Isabel a shock. “I hope that you were not about to jump that!” Ms. Nettles’s glasses rattled on her bony nose as her unicorn halted.
“Of . . . of course not, Ms. Nettles,” Isabel said quickly. “We were just making jumps, not jumping them.”
“Definitely not jumping them,” said Scarlett,
shaking her head.
Ms. Nettles gave them a suspicious look. “You’d better be telling the truth, girls. You know the rules. First years are not allowed to jump without a teacher to supervise.”
Thyme, her unicorn, nodded, his green-and- yellow tail swishing along with his head.
Scarlett swallowed back a giggle.
“It’s for your own safety, so please abide by the rule. Now, it’s almost dinnertime,” Ms. Nettles continued. “Ride back to the stables with me.”
“Yes, Ms. Nettles,” the girls sighed.
Scarlett felt bad that Isabel hadn’t gotten her turn at the jump. “Sorry,” she mouthed.
“Next time,” Isabel whispered back. They gave each other a thumbs-up behind the teacher’s back. Scarlett felt a rush of happiness. She and Isabel had been friends since day one. They both loved riding fast and jumping high, although Isabel was much more competitive than Scarlett—she  loved to win, whereas Scarlett didn’t care who won just as long as she was having fun.

The February sun was almost on the horizon as they neared the school building. The wintry rays lit up the magnificent pink-marble and colored- glass building, making it glow as if it were on fire. “Unicorn Academy,” Scarlett sighed happily. “It’s so beautiful, especially now that it’s snowing.”

Her eyes moved from the grandness of the tall towers to the graceful curve of the domed roofs, then across the huge lawn to the multicolored lake with a tall fountain glittering at the center. The magical waters of Sparkle Lake flowed up from the center of the earth through the fountain, before rivers took it all over Unicorn Island. Every unicorn on the island drank its water every day to strengthen their magic and stay healthy.
“Unicorn Academy is the best school ever,” agreed Isabel proudly. She shivered. “Brrrr, it’s soooo cold. Look at the snowflakes landing on the lake. It must be freezing over.”
“Imagine the fun we’ll have if the lake does
freeze,” said Scarlett. “We can go ice skating.”
Ms. Nettles’s head whipped around. “Don’t talk nonsense, girls! Sparkle Lake has never frozen over in the history of Unicorn Academy. It will take more than a cold snap to freeze its waters.”
Isabel scrunched up her eyes against the low winter sun. “But it’s so cold. Isn’t there a tiny chance it could freeze?”
“It is unusually cold, I agree,” said Ms. Nettles. “But I am sure the lake will withstand the temperature drop. If Sparkle Lake did freeze, it would mean the unicorns would be unable to drink the water they need, and that would be a disaster for the island. You would certainly not be allowed to ice skate! You’re here to learn how to protect it—not to play on it! Now, stop chattering and take your unicorns into the stables and feed them. Be quick. If you’re late for dinner, you shall clean my riding boots as punishment. Go on!”
As Ms. Nettles rode away toward the lake, Scarlett saw her pull a little bottle from her pocket, and the corners of the teacher’s mouth turned up into a smile.“What’s she up to?” Scarlett wondered aloud.
“She never smiles!”
“Who cares?” said Isabel. “How about a race?”
Scarlett immediately forgot about Ms. Nettles and grinned. “Why not! Last one back is a rotten egg!”
“It won’t be us!” shouted Isabel. She and Cloud galloped full speed toward the stables.
“Go, Blaze!” Scarlett cried.
Blaze’s breath spurted out clouds in the icy air as they gave chase, but they couldn’t quite catch Cloud with her head start.
“We won!” said Isabel, punching the air in triumph. “Go, us!”
Scarlett didn’t care. It had been a fun race even if Isabel had beaten her. “That was amazing,” she said, sliding off and hugging Blaze. “Thank you, Blaze! You’re the best unicorn here!”
Blaze nuzzled Scarlett back, her dark  eyes
shining  happily.

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