For Ages
5 to 8

We Love Bubbles! (Bobo and Pup-Pup) is a part of the Bobo and Pup-Pup A Stepping Stone Book collections.

A hilarious book about best friends Bobo and Pup-Pup--a monkey and a dog with very different personalities. Perfect for fans of Elephant & Piggie!

Did you ever have a friend who likes doing something that you find completely annoying? Well, Bobo and Pup-Pup both LOVE bubbles. Bubbles are the absolute best--on that they can agree! While Pup-Pup loves blowing them, Bobo LOVES popping them...way too much for Pup-Pup's taste. It's getting frustrating! Pup-Pup has a clever idea to stop Bobo from popping them. But, then Bobo gets carried away...literally!

This hilarious and relatable book will have kids as young as 2 years old on up to age 7 laughing out loud. New readers will gain confidence and want all the books in the series: Let's Make Cake!; The Funny Book!; and Hatch an Egg! Graphic chapter books serve as a great bridge to graphic novels and longer chapter books.

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