For Ages
13 to 17

Fast Track: World History is a part of the High School Subject Review General collections.

GET UP TO SPEED WITH FAST TRACK: WORLD HISTORY! Covering the most important material taught in high school history class, this essential review book breaks need-to-know content into accessible, easily-understood lessons.

Inside this book, you'll find:
• Clear, concise summaries of the most important events, people and concepts in world history
• Maps, timelines, and charts for quick visual reference
• Easy-to-follow content organization and illustrations

With its friendly, straightforward approach and a clean, modern design crafted to appeal to visual learners, this guidebook is perfect for catching up in class or getting ahead on exam review.

Topics covered in Fast Track: World History include:
• The Paleolithic era
• Early and Classical civilizations
• The Byzantine Empire
• China, Japan, and India
• The Renaissance
• The Enlightenment
• American and French Revolutions
• Imperialism
• Colonialism
• World Wars I and II
• The Cold War
• Globalization
... and more!