For Ages
3 to 7

Get Ready for Kindergarten Math is a part of the Sylvan Summer Smart Workbooks Kindergarten collections.

GET READY TO HEAD TO CLASS! Prepare your child for kindergarten with this numbers workbook full of fun, engaging exercises and activities, designed to refresh kids on what they need to know before heading to school.

Parents, you know that disruptions (whether for summer break, vacations, or other reasons) can put your child's education on pause. By adding just a few pages per day of Pre-K-level material into kids’ routines, you can help your child keep their skills fresh and set them up success for when they return to the classroom!

The exercises and activities in Get Ready for Kindergarten Math are drawn from our top-selling SUMMER SMART workbook series (designed to combat summer "learning loss"). Inside, you'll find:

• Links to download printable versions of activities with physical components (coloring, tracing)
• 50+ pages of teacher-created learning exercises to reinforce the early math skills and number familiarity that your child should grasp when going into kindergarten
• Fun, engaging activities that feel like play

With Sylvan Learning, you don’t have to compromise between entertainment and education. Your child will love the great mix of activities, stories, and games in these pages. You’ll love seeing their improved confidence and newfound love of learning!