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10 to 14

How to Survive Middle School: World History is a part of the HOW TO SURVIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL books collection.

WORRIED BY WORLD HISTORY? Make learning easy with this do-it-yourself study guide that includes everything kids need to know to tackle middle school World History!

Learning is an adventure both inside and outside of the classroom with the How to Survive Middle School study guide series!

These colorful, highly visual books cover all the essential info kids need to ace important middle school classes. Large topics are broken down into easy-to-digest chunks, and reflective questions help kids check understanding and become critical thinkers.

Written by middle school teachers and vetted by curriculum experts, this series is the perfect school supplement or homeschool resource—and a great way to help create independent learners.

HTSMS: World History includes key facts and super-helpful illustrations, maps, and vocab that explore topics including:
• Ancient Civilizations
• The Middle Ages and the Renaissance
• The Industrial Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment
• Imperialism and Colonization
• World Wars I & II
• The Postwar World
• The Digital Age
• Climate Change
• and more!

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