For Ages
10 to 14

How to Survive Middle School: World History is a part of the HOW TO SURVIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL books collection.

BEWARE—THIS BOOK MIGHT MAKE YOU SMARTER THAN YOUR PARENTS! Navigate the wilderness of middle school World History with this hands-on, comprehensive study guide for 6th-8th graders!

This highly illustrated, handy field guide makes learning an adventure inside and outside of the classroom. Study with helpful illustrations, detailed tables, diagrams, and maps, essential vocabulary lists, and expert knowledge presented in a fun, bold, and easy-to-understand format.
Explore and master topics like:

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • The Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  • The Industrial Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment
  • Imperialism and Colonization
  • World Wars I & II
  • The Postwar World and the Digital Age
  • Climate Change
  • and more!
    The How to Survive Middle School study guides cover essential middle school subjects with interactive texts, useful study techniques, and engaging illustrations that make information stick! The included reflective questions and write-in sections foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills, helping readers become independent learners. Each book is vetted by curriculum experts to perfectly complement middle school lesson plans.
    Other available subjects: English, Math, Science, and U.S. History.

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