For Ages
3 to 7

Elbow Grease: Cleanup Crew is a part of the Elbow Grease collection.

Join Elbow Grease and friends in a celebration of our planet! This 8x8 is the latest book in John Cena’s #1 New York Times bestselling series, featuring the little monster truck who never gives up.

When Elbow Grease and his friends head to the beach for an Earth Day celebration, they discover the shore covered in litter. All that trash is so harmful to the plants, animals, and people who spend time at the beach!
It's obvious that the area needs a good cleaning, and Elbow Grease is just the truck for the job. With the help of his monster truck family, their friends, and the community members who want to lend a helping hand, everyone helps make the beach more beautiful than ever—and they even feels inspired to extend the clean-up to the rest of the town!
Elbow Grease and the gang are back in this Earth Day adventure, perfect for little environmentalists everywhere.

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