For Ages
8 to 12

The Terribles #3: Clash of the Gnomes! is a part of the The Terribles collection.

The Terribles might be monsters, but they're also kids just like you! Well, sort of. This hilarious peek into the world of vampires, mummies, swamp things, and bigfoots is perfect for fans of the Hotel Transylvania movies.

THE TERRIBLES HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED to a game of CREEPOBALL, a sport that is played by all monsters on Creep's Cove Island (just don't ask them how to play it--nobody knows ALL the rules!). Their rivals? A horde of relentless, fierce, low-down GNOMES. Can THE TERRIBLES defeat these Gnomes without anyone DISAPPEARING into an ALTERNATE DIMENSION? Why are you asking me? JUST READ THE BOOK, HUMAN!

Want to be a little more TERRIBLE? This series is told in alternating chapters, charts, and crafts so you can read about monsters AND be just like one! Neat!

DON'T MISS the first two books in the series: #1 Welcome to Stubtoe Elementary and #2 A Witch's Last Resort!

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