For Ages
8 to 12

The Stupendous Switcheroo #2: Born to Be Bad is a part of the The Stupendous Switcheroo collection.

Switch and his heroic crew of rag-tag, superpowered kids are back! And this highly illustrated sequel has one mission: Operation Jailbreak (to Rescue the Parents who were Wrongfully Jailed by a Hero who Might Actually Turn Out to be the Real Villain?!)

The Stupendous Switcheroo—Switch for short—used to idolize legendary superhero Vik Valor. He wanted to be just like him: a hero. But now that he has finally gotten used to waking up with new powers every day, Switch isn’t so sure that Mr. Valor is one of the good guys. How could he be, if he put all of Switch's new friends’ parents (who happen to be famous supervillains) in jail?

Switch is left with only one course of action: Operation Jailbreak. Switch will have to get their families back, if he ever wants to find out the truth about Vik Valor—and himself. What else can you do if the good guys aren't really good? And if your parents are villains, were you born to be bad?

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