For Ages
10 to 99

5th Grade at Home is a part of the Learn at Home General collections.

5TH GRADE AT HOME offers simple, guided lessons and activities that students and their parents can use to help keep grade-appropriate English and math skills on track.

With the perfect mix of practical lessons and hands-on activities, the Learn at Home series helps keep kids engaged and up-to-date—no matter where class is held. Written to bolster independent learning, this student-centric workbook includes parent tips and simple support to help keep kids’ education on track.
  •  Guided help for key 5th grade English and math topics
  •  Skills broken into short, easy-to-accomplish lessons
  •  Modules designed to encourage students to dive in, explore, and engage in interactive learning
  •  Fun at-home learning activities using common household items
  •  Parent tips to contextualize lessons and help assist your child
5th Grade at Home covers key grade-appropriate English and math topics such as:
  •  grammar
  •  vocabulary
  •  reading comprehension
  •  writing
  •  number families & lines
  •  multiplication & divison
  •  fractions & ratios
  •  factors & primes
  •   time, distance, and money problems
... and more!