For Ages
5 to 9

Green Machines and Other Amazing Eco-Inventions is a part of the Dr. Seuss's The Lorax Books A Lorax Book collections.

Join the Lorax—Dr. Seuss's beloved icon of environmentalism—as he introduces readers to nine real, incredible eco-inventions and empowers children to think creatively in this rhymed easy-reader, which includes a fun brainstorming activity!

I am the Lorax,
and we’re here to celebrate
eco-friendly inventions
that people create.

The Lorax describes nine kid-friendly inventions from around the world that are helping keep our planet green! From a googly-eyed garbage eating machine to Living Seawalls to edible water "bottles" these amazing inventions will inspire children to think creatively about the world around them and take a fresh look at life's challenges!

Illustrated with bright, cheerful art and full-color photographs, Green Machines includes brief biographies on the diverse inventors included in the book, plus a brainstorming activity to encourage young readers to think like inventors. It's a perfect choice to nurture a love and respect for the natural world—as well as a love of reading and creative thinking!

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