For Ages
3 to 7

Hello, World! Kids' Guides: Exploring Sharks is a part of the Hello, World! Hello, World! Kids' Guide collections.

The bestselling Hello, World! board book series expands into picture books, for Hello, World! kids who are ready for the next step.

Kids who love sharks will enjoy this lively, fact-filled, illustrated tour of the world's oceans, with engaging information on every page:

   Fascinating details about favorite sharks, from whale sharks to mini sharks, plus information about prehistoric sharks, shark relationships with other animals, and careers helping sharks that kids can aspire to.

  Statistics about each shark, with information about size, location, swimming speed, lifespan, and more.

   A question on each page that asks the reader to think about sharks in relation to themselves, such as "If you were a shark, what kind of tail would you want?" and "What ways can you think of to help protect sharks?"

Hello, World! readers who have moved up to picture books and any kids who love science and ocean creatures will find many captivating hours of learning and inspiration in the launch of this exciting new series.

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