For Ages
5 to 9

What Humming-Fish Wish: How YOU Can Help Protect Sea Creatures is a part of the Dr. Seuss's The Lorax Books A Lorax Book collections.

Join the Lorax—Dr. Seuss's beloved icon of environmentalism—as he introduces readers to nine endangered sea creatures and empowers children with simple actions they can take to help protect and save them!

I am the Lorax.
Let’s go to the sea!
I invite you to come
on a journey with me.

This rhymed easy-reader narrated by the Lorax explains the threats faced by nine amazing sea creatures, along with the actions people can take to help them survive. Young children will learn how life in the ocean affects us on land (by cleaning the air we breathe and providing food to eat), and how humans—including kids—can make simple changes that will help these amazing species to survive!
Illustrated with bright, cheerful art and full-color photographs, What Humming-Fish Wish includes suggestions on reducing plastic waste and energy use, conserving water, and tips for organizing a beach cleanup. It's a perfect choice to nurture a love and respect for the natural world—as well as a love of reading!
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