For Ages
5 to 8

Marshmallow Martians: Museum Sleepover is a part of the Marshmallow Martians A Stepping Stone Book collections.

Get ready for some out-of-this-world hilarity with the Marshmallow Martians! These lovable aliens are on the hunt for something BIG, and they know just where to find it: the natural history museum! The entertaining third installment of this delightful graphic chapter series is bound to get children giggling. Perfect for kids ages 5-8!

The Marshmallow Martians have a contest to win on Planet Moop! They need to find the best, biggest, and most unexpected item. They know they can win with something unusual from their favorite planet--Earth! Where do Earthlings keep all of their biggest and coolest items? A museum, of course! 

This silly graphic chapter book with its ensemble of adorable martians will have kids laughing out loud while gaining confidence in reading. Graphic chapter books serve as a great bridge to graphic novels and longer chapter books.

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