For Ages
8 to 12

Witches of Brooklyn: Thrice the Magic Boxed Set (Books 1-3) is a part of the Witches of Brooklyn collection.

There's a new witch in town! Life in Brooklyn takes a strange turn when Effie discovers that MAGIC runs in the family. This first-ever collected boxed set contains the first three volumes of Effie's magical adventures.

Could there really be witches in Brooklyn?!

Effie's aunts are weird. Like, really WEIRD. Really, really, really WEIRD! The secretly magic kind of weird, and that makes Effie wonder . . . can she do magic, too?
Witches of Brooklyn: When Effie moves to Brooklyn to live with her aunts, she knows she's got a new school and new friends in store for her . . . but she doesn't expect magic! 
Witches of Brooklyn: What the Hex?!: There's a new girl in school, and she's good at everything. Effie worries that her friends might like the new girl more than they like her. Can she use her magic to help? 
Witches of Brooklyn: S'More Magic: Effie is off to summer camp . . . where she'll have to learn new magic and make new friends!