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6 to 9

Unicorn Academy Treasure Hunt #4: Sienna and Sparkle is a part of the Unicorn Academy Treasure Hunt A Stepping Stone Book collections.

What could make Unicorn Island even more magical? Hidden treasure!  Continue the magic in this Unicorn Academy series, where students and their unicorn best friends race to find treasure!

Follow the clues, solve the riddles, and find the hidden treasure in this spin-off of the wildly popular Unicorn Academy series!

Sienna loves being the star of the show while her unicorn, Sparkle, is a bit more laid-back. But together, they make a great team! With the help of their friends, they’ve found the final piece of the mysterious treasure map, and are so close to finding the treasure hidden somewhere on school grounds. But there are others who also want the treasure, and will do anything to find it first! Can Sienna help Sparkle find his magic—and the treasure—before it's too late?

Collect all of the Unicorn Academy Treasure Hunt books!
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#2 Evie and Sunshine
#3 Ivy and Flame
#4 Sienna and Sparkle

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