For Ages
8 to 12

A Boy Called Christmas Series Boxed Set is a part of the Boy Called Christmas collection.

A collection of New York Times bestselling author, Matt Haig's heartwarming, Christmas adventures--A Boy Called Christmas, The Girl Who Saved Christmas, and A Mouse Called Miika.

This collection includes three hilarious classics in the making from New York Times bestselling author Matt Haig. 

A Boy Called Christmas: Nikolas–nicknamed "Christmas" must travel to the North Pole to save his father. Along the way, he befriends a surly reindeer, bests a troublesome troll, and discovers a hidden world of enchantment in Elfhelm, where Christmas spirit is at an all-time low. Can Nikolas save his father and rouse Christmas spirit? Now a Netflix movie starring Kristen Wiig, Maggie Smith and Henry Lawfull!
The Girl Who Saved Christmas: Amelia Wishart was the first child ever to receive a Christmas present. It was her Christmas spirit that gave Santa the extra boost of magic he needed to make his first trip around the world. But now Amelia is in trouble and losing her Christmas spirit. Santa must find Amelia and make her believe again---Christmas depends on it!
A Mouse Called Miika: Miika, the mouse and his friend, Bridget the Brave are on a mission to procure the world's tastiest cheese. They’ll stop at nothing to get it, no matter how many trolls they must face or how their friendship is tested along the way . . .
"Matt Haig has an empathy for the human condition, the light and the dark of it, and he uses the full palette to build his excellent stories." --Neil Gaiman, Newbery-winning author of The Graveyard Book