For Ages
7 to 10

Dragon Storm #5: Kai and Boneshadow is a part of the Dragon Storm A Stepping Stone Book collections.

Enter a world of secret dragons! Young Kai and his fellow dragonseers must use their powers to protect their kingdom from dark forces in this action-packed chapter-book fantasy series, perfect for readers of Dragon Masters!

Kai and his fellow dragonseers practice their powers in a hidden cavern known as Guild Hall. But when the royal prince invites them to the palace, the dragonseers must leave the safety of their hideout. There they encounter a fearsome dragon and a mystical potion in a secret lair! The others sense danger, but Kai feels strangely drawn to a mysterious dark force, one with the power to destroy. Will he ignore the warnings of his own loyal dragon, Boneshadow, and risk losing everything to explore the dangerous unknown?

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