1000+ Practice Questions for the Upper Level SSAT & ISEE, 3rd Edition

Author The Princeton Review

1000+ Practice Questions for the Upper Level SSAT & ISEE, 3rd Edition is a part of the Private Test Preparation SSAT & ISEE collections.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ... and The Princeton Review brings you all the practice you need to ace the Upper Level SSAT or ISEE and get into the private school of your choice.

The Secondary School Aptitude Test (SSAT) and Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) are crucial parts of the application process for private schools. Give yourself or your student a leg up in the competitive admissions race with this workout book full of practice problems and explanations to help hone your areas of strength, improve your areas of weakness, and drill your way to success.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
• Solve questions by using a fundamental skills approach
• Learn powerful techniques from The Princeton Review’s repertoire that will help you work quickly and efficiently

Everything You Need for a High Score
• Fully aligned with the current SSAT and ISEE
• Assess your current knowledge and use the drills included to hone in on the areas where you need improvement
• Customize your study plans for a higher score

Practice Your Way to Excellence
4 full-length practice tests (2 for SSAT®: 1 in book and 1 online; and 2 for ISEE®: 1 in book and 1 online), plus nearly 600 additional questions
• Alternating SSAT & ISEE drills that provide a clear comparison of specific Verbal, Math, Reading, and Writing question types

Under the Cover