For Ages
3 to 7

It's Not Easy Being A Ghost is a part of the It's Not Easy Being collection.

Life isn't always easy—even for a ghost! In this funny follow-up to It's Not Easy Being Santa Claus, a ghost discovers that happiness comes from within when she learns to accept that she's simply too cute to be considered spooky! The perfect way to celebrate Halloween with your littlest trick or treaters!

Misty the Ghost is feeling sad. The haunted house she lives in is cold and damp. Spiders have taken over her living room. And worst of all, nobody thinks she is spooky. They think she is (gasp!) CUTE. But after trying to disguise herself as a mummy, a werwolf, and a witch—with hilarious results—Misty learns that true happiness comes from just being herself.

Featuring a comical cast of animal characters—plus a little bat sidekick with a BIG attitude for readers to find hidden on every page—this hardcover picture book about self-acceptance and overcoming obstacles makes a sweet Halloween treat for young readers!

Everyone has a rough day now and then and wishes they could do something or be someone else. Not even beloved characters like Santa Claus, ghosts, and leprechauns are immune! The It's Not Easy... picture book series explores the witty ways these iconic holiday and seasonal characters search for happiness, only to find it within themselves.

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