For Ages
7 to 10

The Magnificent Makers #9: Rolling Through the Rock Cycle is a part of the The Magnificent Makers A Stepping Stone Book collections.

Boom! Snap! Whiz! Zap! The Magnificent Makers is a fiction chapter book series filled with real science, adventure, and characters kids will love! Every book includes two science activities kids can do at home.

A modern-day Magic School Bus for today's kids!

A normal day at school collecting rocks becomes a magnificent adventure! Violet, Pablo, and their friend Daniel get transported to the Maker Maze to learn all about how rocks are made. Violet and Pablo are super excited to be back in the maze, but Daniel doesn't like that they can't choose the different activities. Can the friends work together to learn all about the rock cycle and escape the maze in time? 

In Rolling Through the Rock Cycle, the kids learn about being okay with change and trying new things. Don’t miss the other books in the series! 

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#2: Brain Trouble
#3: Riding Sound Waves
#4: The Great Germ Hunt
#5: Race Through Space
#6: Storm Chasers
#7: Human Body Adventure
#8: Go, Go, Green Energy!