For Ages
0 to 3

Hello, World! From Seed to Pumpkin is a part of the Hello, World! collection.

How do pumpkins grow? Families can explore fall's favorite fruit together in this nonfiction board book from the bestselling series Hello, World! A perfect autumn or Halloween gift!

Kids can learn all about how pumpkins grow in this cheerful and informative board book—with colors, shapes, sizes, and super-simple facts. ("Prize-winning pumpkins can weigh as much as a rhinoceros!")

Told in easy-to-understand terms alongside bright illustrations of seeds, sprouts, vines, flowers, and—best of all—pumpkin pies and jack-o-lanterns, this sturdy book makes learning easy for little ones and offers useful prompts to help adults engage with the reader on each page.

It's a perfect way to bring nature and gardening into the busy world of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, where learning never stops.