For Ages
4 to 8

Discover the magic of patterns and the power of fixing things in this heartwarming children's book. Written and illustrated by New York Times bestselling illustrator Lauren Semmer, this book shows that each pattern is unique, but together they can be magical—just like families!

Poppy is sad when her toy bunny’s dress rips. Now she’ll have to throw it away! But her mom has other ideas. She shows Poppy the trunk in her sewing room, and it’s full of fabric scraps! 
    There are so many patterns—dots and stripes, checkers and chevron. Each scrap has its own story. Fabric from Granddad’s tie, Nana’s dress, and her auntie’s scarf come together with Mom’s sewing machine to make something special—just like their family! 
    New York Times bestselling illustrator Lauren Semmer weaves an introduction to patterns in this heartwarming story of family history and traditions.

Under the Cover