For Ages
4 to 6

The Missing Sound (Disney Encanto) is a part of the Step into Reading Step into Reading®(Step 2) collections.

A Step 2 Step into Reading leveled reader featuring Mirabel’s cousin Dolores from Disney Encanto–now steaming on Disney+! Perfect for children ages 4 to 6!

Dolores Madrigal has the amazing ability to hear things that are very far away, from across the whole Encanto she calls home. But one morning when she wakes up, she doesn’t hear something she usually does. But what? To find out, join Dolores and her magical Madrigal family as they team up to solve a mystery in this sweet and silly story set in the world of Disney Encanto!

Step 2 readers use basic vocabulary and short sentences to tell simple stories. For children who recognize familiar words and can sound out new words with help.