For Ages
8 to 12

Hilo Book 11: The Great Space Iguana is a part of the Hilo collection.

Get ready for adventure, friendship, and lots of laughs with the New York Times Bestselling Graphic novel kids love! Hilo may be the boy who crashed to earth...but when a Space Iguana shows up D.J.s backyard, it turns out it's D.J. who might be the key to saving the universe!

"An action-packed page-turner with heart!" --Dav Pilkey, creator of DOG MAN

AHHHHH! A GIANT SPACE IGUANA has landed in D.J.’s backyard. Where did she come from? And why is the whole universe out to get her?! D.J., Hilo, and Gina will have to RACE through space to get her home! Iif they don’t, the whole universe will be in DANGER! But there’'s a galaxy of TROUBLE—(not to mention one super annoyed alien dad, some very cranky monsters, and a warrior match combat challenge (um, what?!?!)—in their way. Can they make it?! (And how is D.J. at driving a spaceship, anyway?)