For Ages
3 to 7

Getting Ready for Preschool is a part of the Getting Ready collection.

Get Ready for Preschool in this exciting new series for kids embarking on new adventures! Vera Ahiyya, the Tutu Teacher, knows everything your family needs to get ready... and to celebrate every precious moment!

Includes an "I'm ready for preschool!" sign for photo opportunities!

It’s almost the first day of preschool and everyone is busy getting ready. A young boy and his family meet the teacher, post a family photo on the classroom wall, send a special lovey for naptime, pack a healthy lunch, and take a special photo . . . but is that everything he will need for his big first day? Maybe just one more hug first!

Get your little one ready with this joyful story about what to expect on their very first day of preschool! 

This edition includes an adorable punch-out sign for first day photo opps!