For Ages
6 to 9

Unicorn Academy: Sophia's Invitation is a part of the Unicorn Academy A Stepping Stone Book collections.

Ride into the sparkling world of Netflix’s Unicorn Academy! Meet Sophia and her very own magical unicorn, Wildstar, as they ride into a world of magic and adventure!

When Sophia unexpectedly receives a mysterious invitation to a special school for horse riders, she begs her mom to let her go. Then she learns that the school is actually Unicorn Academy, where each student is matched with a magical unicorn! Sophia can't wait to discover her destiny and become a Unicorn Rider. But first, she must bond with Wildstar to unlock the unicorn's magical powers.

Sophia is up for the challenge! But things get tricky when she realizes there’s an evil queen who wants to destroy Unicorn Island, the academy, and its unicorns. Will Sophia and her new friends have the courage to fight to protect everything they love?

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