For Ages
5 to 8

Pizza and Taco: Coolest Club Ever! is a part of the Pizza and Taco A Stepping Stone Book collections.

Join Pizza and Taco's afterschool club in the next installment of this hilarious graphic novel chapter book series! What happens when these foodie besties have to compete with a video game club for members ?

Pizza and Taco are serving up more awesomeness with a cool new club! They can't wait to talk about all their favorite interests...including making comic books. Lots of people signed up, so they know it's going to be popular! Then why does everyone go to Cheeseburger's video game club instead?! Pizza and Taco have no choice but to check it out. They just might learn that kids want to make comics just as much as they want to play video games! 

This hilarious young graphic novel series—with chapters—will tickle the funny bones of kids ages 5-8 and bolster their reading confidence. It's the perfect stepping stone for those who are transitioning to longer chapter books and graphic novels.

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