For Ages
4 to 8

A joyous, rhyming celebration of all the essential workers who help us everyday! From healthcare workers, to delivery people, grocery workers, teachers, and more, readers can cheer for these heroes!

To caregivers for our loved ones,
as you all play your parts,
you are heroes, yes you are,
we keep you in our hearts!

A contribution will be made by Random House Children's Books to Americares to benefit health workers in conjunction with the publication of this book.

We have a lot of people to thank for helping us every day! Doctors, nurses, and paramedics help keep us healthy, while grocery workers, warehouse workers, and delivery people get us the supplies we need. And we can't forget teachers, volunteers, and the countless others who make the world a little brighter!

With an upbeat rhyme scheme perfect for reading aloud, this celebration of all different kinds of helpers will be sure to entertain parents and children alike and foster an appreciation of those around us.